movie madness

Mark is someone who would be a lot of fun to play Cineplexity with.

Massawyrm at AICN just reviewed the game and it sounds like the ideal way to spend an evening – and part of the appeal is the sheer simplicity of the game’s design. He wrote,

What works most for this game is the free, easy going format and just how it leads to great conversations. Someone will mention a movie no one else has thought of in years. Or someone will call forth a movie so bad the whole table winces at the idea of even thinking about. Someone will share their love or hate for a pick or argue the merits of whether or not the movie stated actually fits the bill – whether by technicality or just being wrong. The end result is a bunch of friends sitting around talking about movies for hours while jumping through mental hoops that really get your juices flowing.

There is an online demo version, too.