Consider this a proposal, not a formal whitepaper, for an initial coin offering of a new cryptocurrency, Otakucoin.

Otakucoin (OUC) is intended to be used to support Otaku who write reviews of anime, science fiction, and other television and film fiction, as a measure of credibility and authority. It is therefore analogous to Reddit gold and Medium claps, i.e. can be bought in order to be given, or sold after accumulation.

I am still planning the technical backend and the details. Some references are below. I encourage anyone who is interested in participating to contact me by leaving a comment in this thread. This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, it’s an excuse to learn something cool and have some fun. To that end, I intend to structure the coin so it does not pass the Howey test and is in no danger of being labeled a security. We may need to launch a Kickstarter to raise some money so we can hire Token Deck, Espeo, or IcoBox to take care of the details.


Happy Birthday to the Maniax

10 years of Oguie Maniax!

Wow, the Otakusphere is kind of middle aged now. I passed my 10 year anniversary last year and I don’t think I even noticed. Over the years I’ve posted about everything that interests me, so I don’t even think this is an anime blog anymore. But thats what makes us otaku. We love what we love.

via Pete, who just turned 10 this past June 🙂

Circle by Disney vs OurPact

There are two main solutions to parental control for kids’ devices – a subscription to OurPact, or buying a Disney Circle. In a nutshell, OurPact is an app you install on each device, and lets you enable controls on all data (wifi and cellular), whereas Circle is a piece of hardware on your network that uses ARP spoofing to filter data on a single WiFi SSID. OurPact is therefore more complicated to setup (you have to install the app on every device) and Circle won’t work on cellular data. Both seem to have similar functionality however. OurPact has an annoyance that unless you jump through extra hoops and pay for the premium membership, it will scramble the order of the apps on the installed devices. I’ve decided to go the Circle route – I will just make sure all the kids devices are on my 5Ghz SSID (really just three – two phones and an iPad to worry about). If theres a performance bottleneck, it will only be on data uploads, since ARP spoofing wont affect download to the devices. I am a bit concerned about the overhead that OurPact will impose on performance since it is basically a firewall running all the time. How will I control the kids from just jumping on 4G? Easy – I only have them on 2 GB data plans, not unlimited 🙂

Congratulations, Astros

I’m not normally a baseball person, but wow, that Game 5. It’s why I hung on until the 8th inning of game 7, hoping to see more of that tense down to the wire contest. But the Dodgers, in the end, came up short.

There’s some criticism of pitcher Yu Darvish out there, but I think that’s absurd. The reason the Dodgers lost was simple: 10 batters stranded on base, only 1 home run.

Another statistic out there – which I haven’t bothered to verify – is that the Astros and Dodgers each scored a total of 34 runs over the entire 7-game series. I think the Dodgers have justifiable reason to be proud they got there, even if they fell short. Of course, how many runs you score isn’t as important as the distribution of those runs over the series. Much like the electoral college 🙂

I didnt really have a dog in this Series; the Cubs were eliminated by the Dodgers, so there’s some satisfaction on my part. I also spent 9 years in Houston, so can’t begrudge the Astros their first win (I do begrudge construction for Minute Maid park, which was a pain in the ass, traffic-wise). Still, my preference was for the boys in blue to win, because after all, I live here.

Next year, I might actually watch some baseball. Postseason, anyway. The great thing about this Series was that it showed me that this sport can actually be fun, if the right teams play.

Bitcoin, explained

This video is a bit long (under 30minutes), but it is a superb explanation of the principles of Bitcoin. I did not really know what a blockchain was or how mining really worked until I watched it, and I unequivocally recommend watching this for anyone with even the slightest curiosity about cryptocurrency – which soon, will be everyone.