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I need to go through my statements to verify this. But it troubles me that the agent can give me wrong information about my account, requiring that I correct him with an actual copy of my latest bill. If I hadn’t insisted, I’d have been seriously misled.

TTC Victor : Hi, Aziz. Thank you for contacting Charter Internet Support. This is Victor. How may I assist you?
Aziz Poonawalla: Hi there
Aziz Poonawalla: I wanted to inquire about teh internet speed upgrade
Aziz Poonawalla: I currently am paying extra for 12 MBps and wanted to see if I qualified for the upgrade to 18
TTC Victor : I will be more than happy to assist you in upgrading your internet package.
TTC Victor : Please verify the service address and the Security Code. The Security Code is a four-digit number located at the upper right corner of the billing statement.
Aziz Poonawalla: sure my feb 20 statement code is XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Aziz Poonawalla: service address is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
TTC Victor : Thank you. Your account has been verified.
TTC Victor : Aziz, I checked your account and you can upgrade to Charter Internet Plus 18Mbps.
Aziz Poonawalla: that is teh free upgrade, correct?
TTC Victor : The free upgrade speed was already downloaded to your account, Aziz. Your current internet package was previously 8Mbps and was automatically upgraded to 12Mbps.
Aziz Poonawalla: no, i think i am paying for 12
Aziz Poonawalla: can you verify?
Aziz Poonawalla: my internet service is 49.99 whereas 8 mbps was 39.99
Aziz Poonawalla: if i rcall correctly
TTC Victor : Yes, you are paying for 12Mbps. Aziz, your account is still being charge $39.99 for 12Mbps of internet speed.
Aziz Poonawalla: my bill says the internet service cost is 44.99 (plus 5 for modem rental) not 39.99
TTC Victor : Okay. Without the modem rental fee your internet service is only $39.99. If you will upgrade to 18Mbps your monthly bill will have an additional charge of $10.00.
TTC Victor : By the way, the modem rental fee of $5.00 is not part of your internet package.
Aziz Poonawalla: im looking at my Feb 20 statement. Charter Internet Service: 44.99 (feb 28 to mar 27)
Aziz Poonawalla: not 39.99
TTC Victor : Yes, I checked that you are paying $44.99 for the 12Mbps. However, if you will upgrade to 18Mbps it will be an additional $10.00 on your monthly bill.
Aziz Poonawalla: why do i not qualify for teh free upgrade?
Aziz Poonawalla: hello?
TTC Victor : Aziz, I checked your account, you are paying $44.99 for your Internet package since 09/20/2010. The speed of your internet package duirng that time is 8Mbps. After 01/31/2011 your internet speed was upgraded to 12Mbps without any additional charge.
Aziz Poonawalla: i see
Aziz Poonawalla: the 44.99 rate is the lowest tier of service?
TTC Victor : Yes, that’s correct.
Aziz Poonawalla: i was quite sure i was paying for higher speed than baseline
TTC Victor : If you check your previous billing statement you will see the service you are paying for.
Aziz Poonawalla: okay thanks
TTC Victor : You’re welcome, Aziz.
Aziz Poonawalla: so bottom line is that i shoudl be gettig 12 mbps now
TTC Victor : That’s correct.
Aziz Poonawalla: great. thanks for yoru help victor
TTC Victor : I’m so glad that I was able to assist you today. To recap, you chatted to upgrade your internet service and I was able to explain that your account was already upgraded from 8Mbps to 12Mbps.

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  1. Hello Otaku,

    My name is Abby Catron, and I am a Communications Specialist for Charter. I came across your blog and wanted to make sure the e-chat agent resolved all concerns and that there were no discrepancies after checking the actual copy of your latest bill. Please send an e-mail to with the name, address, and phone number on the account, as well as the best number to reach you. Also, please put “CharterAbby – Otaku Kun“ in the subject line so I can keep an eye out for the e-mail.

    Looking forward resolving your concerns,

    Abby Catron
    Communications Specialist – Charter

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