the end of the universe is nigh

uh oh. More mucking about with quantum mechanics.

In that final phase, one of the entangled photons will be sent through a slit screen to a detector that will register it as either a particle or a wave — because, again, the photon can be either. The other photon will be sent toward two 10-kilometer (6.2-mile) spools of fiber optic cables before emerging to hit a movable detector, he said.

Adjusting the position of the detector that captures the second photon (the one sent through the cables) determines whether it is detected as a particle or a wave.

Because these two photons are entangled, the act of detecting the second as either a wave or a particle should simultaneously force the other photon to also change into either a wave or a particle. But that would have to happen to the first photon before it hits its detector — which it will hit 50 microseconds before the second photon is detected.

What is wrong with these mad scientists? Are they trying to destroy the world?

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