Dean Devlin talks Stargate sequels

by fledgling otaku on August 23, 2006

AICN has an interview with Dean Devlin that touches on, among other things, the Stargate sequels.

QUINT: You mentioned on the panel that you finally have the rights back to make sequels to STARGATE. What was holding the rights up?

DEAN DEVLIN: It’s not that the rights have cleared up. The previous regimes at MGM have been very wary about doing the sequel movies. There’s a new group of people running MGM now and they’re all big science fiction fans. So I’ve been talking about doing the sequels with them. There is no deal in place yet to make these films and we’re only in the very early stages of discussion. But at least there seems to be genuine interest in continuing the franchise.

QUINT: Will the second film pick up with the same characters from the original, continuing that story?

(the answer is a spoiler, so the rest of the interview is below the fold)

DEAN DEVLIN: When Roland and I developed the original STARGATE film, we had always envisioned it as the first of a trilogy of movies. There was a larger mythology to tell and we’ve always wanted to finish telling the story we started.
The sequel would take place about 12 years after the original and would pick up with Daniel making a discovery that leads him back to Earth and the discovery of a new and different Stargate!

QUINT: Where are you currently with the development of the sequels?

DEAN DEVLIN: At the moment, we’re only in discussions about the possibilities of doing it.

Note that the Stargate sequel continuity would not be the same as the TV show – which btw is on its final season after an impressive 200+, ten year run.

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