The Office Hobbit

by Otaku-kun on December 15, 2014

Martin Freeman. The Office. The Hobbit. It’s just… yes. Yes it is.

Now, if only there was some way to fold Sherlock into it… would be the Freeman trifecta


the fandom awakens – first trailer for Episode VII

by Otaku-kun on November 28, 2014

Short and teasery – but do a great job of conveying the style and tone. Force Greatswords? Xwings and the falcon? New ways for R2 to get around and funky looking landspeeders. And even some ethnic diversity.

(or check it out via iTunes at

I am eager but I refuse to be as crazy as I went back during the Prequel preview days.

Movies and Television

Disney’s Maleficent vs Disney’s Maleficent

November 25, 2014

This is a guest post by Tasneem Mandviwala. Although women have played various roles throughout the global history of war, including leader, organizer, and supporter, the most well-known role tends to be that of victim. This is perhaps justified due to the horrendous number of rape crimes and abuses of women that often happen within […]

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Sports, Uncategorized

NFL week 2: Giants lose, Packers win

September 15, 2014

The Giants lost to the Cardinals, and the Packers beat the Jets. So i’m doing 1-3 overall in my teams’ progress Well, I did say I wanted narrative… The Packers game was a great example of how that team reacts to pressure. They were down 3-21 in the 2nd quarter. Then they just took off, […]

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Giants vs Cardinals on Sunday – an NFL newbie’s analysis #AZvsNYG

September 13, 2014

Given that I’m a recent convert to football, I have a lot of catching up to do. I’m reasonably solid on how downs work, I can tell the difference between a WR and a RB, and during last week’s Packers opener I learned what a safety was. Miles to go yet before I can actually […]

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A football newbie chooses a team

September 10, 2014

It only took me 4 decades but I have decided to finally Like football. Why? well, partly because I want to be actually converse with most of my friends during the fall about more than the weather But also because I am enamoured of narratives, and football is possibly the single most narrative-driven sport. There’s […]

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Art, Comics

Bill Watterson just returned to the comics pages this week

June 7, 2014

Yes, that’s not a hoax, it’s true. Bill Watterson was the guest artist on the comic strip Pearls before Swine the last 3 days. Here are links to the 3 strips: Full details here.

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The Hugo Awards and political correctness

May 9, 2014

The Hugo Awards are science fiction’s most celebrated honor (along with the Nebula Awards). This year there’s a political twist: the accusation that the Hugos are “politically correct” and favor liberal writers over those with conservative political leanings. The fact that Orson Scott Card won the Hugo in both 1986 and 1987 for Ender’s Game […]

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the value of creative writing MFAs

May 1, 2014

Here is a short recollection by writer Junot Diaz, in the New Yorker, about his oppressively non-diverse, anti-racial experience in a creative writing program. It’s worth reading in full, but in a nutshell, his MFA program suffered the same flaw as most MFA programs: it was too white. To elaborate, Too white as in Cornell […]

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Stranger than fiction

“Blood moon” lunar eclipse as seen from Madison, WI

April 15, 2014

Photos of the blood moon eclipse of April 15th 2014, taken at 3:00 am using a Canon G5: No tripod, unfortunately. But well worth the interrupt in sleep. The window in the cloud cover was perfect! Magnificent! UPDATE – great writeup from EarthSky on why Mars was so close to the moon, and a nice […]

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